Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Things I Did in 2010

            Saw a whale from my kayak.
            Saw bears swimming.   Twice.
            Sold expensive wine, fancy cheese, crappy used cars, and overpriced household goods.
            Tangled with angry campground bear.
             Almost ran over salmon-eating  bear in kayak.
            Did not get eaten by bear. 
             Wrote powerpoint presentations on Alaskan marine life (and did far too much research on the deepwater horizon oil spill…)
            Learned to sea kayak.
            Learned sea kayak rescue techniques.
            Did not have to rescue any sea kayak clients.
            DID get to ride in the rescue boat.   Twice.
            Epically failed to learn to scuba dive.
            Wrote a novel.
            Fried my laptop computer.
            Wrote sixty pages of journals about my summer in the national park.
            Miraculously recovered sixty pages of summer journals from fried computer.
            Learned to play bar chords on the guitar.
            Performed music I wrote on-stage.
            Learned that the sweetest thing on earth is a sunny day in a rainforest.
            Followed one dream.   Gave up on another one.
            Discovered that you cannot put bananas through a juice machine.

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